Art is an inspiration. Oscar Carmona’s inspiration’s have come from vast amount of travels and journeys throughout his life.  His collection of Hand Forged Art Work, be it buckles or pendants, is a gathering of ideas and thoughts churning the wheels in his creative mind.

Each iron piece is hand made by Oscar’s talented artisans, who have been able to bring each design to realization.  It takes many days over a hot iron forge to finally give every buckle life. The organic designs, many inspired by a time of the past, are hand finished with natural polishes and detailed with Oscar Carmona’s signature copper rivet, showing continuity.

Oscar has chosen the finest of leather straps to compliment the buckles and has created beautiful straps and chains to compliment the pendants. When combining either one of the these with an Oscar Carmona buckle or pendant, you will have made art part of your everyday life.

Take a look and enjoy.