The authentic charm of Hand Hammered Copper and Aluminum

There’s a beautiful story surrounding our hand worked copper and aluminum tabletops.  It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, from father to son for many years.

Handmade in a remote Mexican village, over 72 hours are invested in the creation of each tabletop.

The process begins with 100% reclaimed copper and aluminum, cast in a block, precisely heated and formed into a sheet by the artisan. The artisan then hand pounds each copper and aluminum sheet over 3000 times to create the unique texture.   The hand hammered aluminum sheet is then worked over the substrate to form a tabletop.

As a final touch in each of our pieces, the artisan manually stamps the expression of our logo.

The marriage of nature’s beauty and the high skill of the Mexican artisan bring to life a unique conversation piece, an exquisite and authentic work of art.  A hand hammered copper and aluminum table is a wonderful addition to any home. Please take a trip with me in the video below.

Please visit our blog for care instructions.