Caring for you Hand Hammered Copper or Aluminum Table Top

Care Instructions

  • Your Copper and Aluminum tabletop has been hand finished with a beeswax layer.
  • For daily cleaning, use a damp cloth, and then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Try to avoid spills, but if this should occur, clean up immediately. You should NEVER leave spills on the top.
  • Use protection, such as coasters or table-mats, beneath items to prevent deep scratches, marks and ring marks.
  • We recommend an occasional use of beeswax on your tabletop to polish and condition the aluminum surface. Use the beeswax vendor instructions for application.
  • If you are going to place a decorative item on the tabletop, please do not place it on rubber, vinyl or other synthetic materials. Use only felt pads to protect against any chemical reaction with the tabletop.
  • Do not use any abrasive or chemical cleaners.
  • If you want to polish your top, please use “Brasso” polish. Please follow the vendor polish instructions.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of organic materials combined with the finishing process, you may notice color variations caused by natural materials.
  • Recommended for indoor use only if the substrate is MDF, if the substrate is Honeycomb can be used outdoors.

Anti-Bacterial Copper

Did you know that copper is an Anti-Bacterial surface?

Copper and its alloys, such as brass and bronze, are antimicrobial. They have an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly and with a high degree of efficiency. These antimicrobial properties have been demonstrated by an extensive body of research. The surfaces prevent the spread of pathogenic microbes. This product is used widely in healthcare facilities, on doorknobs, push plates, railings, tray tables, tap (faucet) handles, IV poles, HVAC systems, and other equipment. 



Your Belt Size

Your belt size will be the actual circumference of where you will be wearing your belt.  Do not add any extra inches for the extra section the sits outside of the buckle. Your waist size may be smaller, so unless you will be wearing your belt at your waist, the size you order will most likely be larger.  If you have any questions on this, email us. We are happy to help you with any doubts.

You should NEVER leave spills on your Reclaimed Copper Hand Hammered table top

You need to take care of your table top because is is made of natural materials and is susceptible to getting damaged with acid or abrasive substances.  Below you can see some photos of a test that we did using:

  • Salad dressing
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice

We left the liquids on the table top for 12 hours and the acidity of the liquids removed part or all the fired patina of the table top.

Not to worry. The contact of the clean copper and the environment ‘s humidity will cause the natural patina to surge on it’s own. It will take 30 to 60 days to gain the patina color again.